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Constructability Reviews

Overall, the goal of a CR is to save the owner time and money by uncovering problems or potential problems that may be encountered during construction, such as errors, omissions, ambiguities and conflicts. Any construction project (and any proposed contract change) can benefit from a CR.

One goal of a CR is to assure fewer conflicts among documents -- that is, conflicts between drawings and specifications, between drawings or between spec provisions. When conflicts are minimized, the result is fewer RFIs, fewer field orders, a smaller number of change orders and, hopefully, no disputes, claims or legal action. Further, a CR should result in fewer addendums, higher quality bids from higher quality construction documents, minimal delays, greater understanding of the project goals, a smoother construction process, construction done more quickly, and less administrative costs over the course of the project for all parties.

It costs money to have a CM firm perform a CR and it creates more work for the designer to review comments, decide what to incorporate, and then do so. However, the cost and time saved during construction are, in theory, greater than the expenditures made to perform the review.  A CR not only benefits the owner and contractor, it also benefits others.

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